Help Wanted: Potential Workplace Violence


The Dolan family’s net worth is up $300 million. Langone, 78, is ranked 260 on the list, up from 298, with $2.1 billion. The Sands Point resident is the current chairman of online retailer Geeknet Inc., and is known for his work on several high-profile initial public offerings, including Home Depot Inc. His worth rose $500 million from last year. Louis Bacon, 55, is worth $1.4 billion and ranked 371, down from 347. He is the founder of Moore Capital Management LP — which Forbes said had a return of 13.5 percent in the first half of 2013. On Long Island, the Oyster Bay resident is known for his aid in preserving Peconic Bay’s Robins Island.
This article has been curated from Forbes’ wealthiest: The superrich get richer

— Bad Break? DEAR BAD BREAK: Actually, your employer is providing you more than the law requires. Employers in New York State don’t have to provide rest breaks. They must, however, give employees a meal break of at least a half-hour when they work more than six hours a day. For more on employers’ responsibilities to prevent workplace violence go to .
This article has been curated from Help Wanted: Potential workplace violence


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