Replacing The Power From San Onofre Will Be A Challenge

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Comments 1 An Etihad Airways passenger jet flies over houses as it prepares to land at Heathrow Airport in London. (BEN STANSALL, AFPGetty Images / April 21, 2010) Also By Hugo Martín October 13, 2013, 7:00 p.m. Young business travelers are more likely than older travelers to spend their company’s money on expensive meals and first-class airline seats and to schedule vacation time during work trips. But if things go haywire, these young road warriors are probably going to fire off a negative review of a restaurant or hotel. The findings come from a survey of more than 8,500 travelers in 24 countries that was designed to look at the different behavior of millennial business travelers and older trekkers. Globally, 42% of business travelers ages 18 to 30 said they will spend more of their company’s money on high-end meals than they would their own money, compared with only 26% of travelers ages 46 to 65, according to the survey by travel website Expedia and Egencia, the business travel arm of Expedia Inc. But don’t upset the millennials: One in four American travelers younger than 34 has posted a negative hotel review in the last year, compared with only 14% of older travelers. Mark Hollyhead, a senior vice president at Egencia, would not theorize why young travelers spend and vacation more than veteran business travelers. But he said they are more likely to post hotel and restaurant reviews because information sharing is a big part of the digital age.
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California Energy Commission Chairman Robert Weisenmiller recalled that Brown cornered him in August and bluntly warned him to “make sure the lights don’t go out down there” in Southern California. Also Chamber of Commerce successful against most ‘job killer’ bills A team of state agencies hopes to come up with a Southern California Reliability Plan by the end of next month. Its job: Figure out how to replace 2,200 megawatts of output from San Onofre, which served 1.4 million Southern California households. The plant near San Clemente stopped operating in January 2012 after defective steam generators released a small amount of radioactive steam. And that’s not all. Planners also need to find an estimated 400 megawatts a year for increased demand and replace as much as 6,200 megawatts generated by power plants scheduled for retirement. Energy planners have to be ready for a worst-case scenario. “Part of our concern is the weather,” Weisenmiller said, “and the other is things going wrong.” Perea ‘s excellent year The third year in the Legislature is turning out to be a charm for Assemblyman Henry T. Perea, a Fresno Democrat.
This article has been curated from Replacing the power from San Onofre will be a challenge


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